Everyone gets headaches from time to time, that dreaded pounding that leaves you annoyed, irritable, and sometimes unable to concentrate. There are several causes for headaches, like stress, lack of sleep, tension, dehydration, and the list goes on. Taking over the counter medications can improve and relieve the symptoms of headaches, but what if the cause is rooted in lifestyle challenges. If your headaches continue to return, maybe the root problem is the challenge of your busy life. 


Hot tubs don’t provide direct pain relief for headaches, but if the root cause is stress, tension, or sleep deprivation, soaking in your hot tub routinely may provide you with some relief. 

Tension headaches can be triggered by stress, soaking in your hot tub, and using the jets can be a great way to reduce stress. According to the University of Minnesota, massage provokes a relaxation response in the body’s nervous system. By combining warm water immersion and your hot tub massage jets, you can lower your stress hormone response. Soaking will increase your serotonin levels and reduce your overall feeling of stress. As your body starts to relax so does your mind. The warm water immersion can provide a meditative like response to your nervous system. 



Stress and tension go hand and hand. When we are stressed, we tend to tighten our muscles, clench our jaws, and cause ourselves those dreaded “tension headaches.” Soaking in your hot tub can help relieve some of those sore, aching, and tense muscles. Soaking in your hot tub relaxes your muscles, improves blood flow, and the buoyancy of the hot tub reduces your body weight. Reducing tension and pain can increase your overall mood and make you feel better. 


When we don’t get a proper night’s sleep, it can impact our concentration, mood, and cause headachesResearch has shown that getting a good night of rest is critical for your mental and physical health. When you soak in your hot tub, your body temperature rises. When you get out of the spa, your body temperature drops, signaling to the brain that it’s time for sleep. 

Remember to make hot-tubbing part of your daily routine, put your phone away, disconnect, unwind, and enjoy all the benefits that your Hot Spring® Spa has to offer.  

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