Who doesn’t like game night? You are sure to enjoy one or more of these family friendly hot tub games. Hot tubbing can be a time to relax, unwind, or a time to bond, laugh, and have a lot of fun. Grab your friends, the kids, a towel, and enjoy hot tub game night with one or all of our 10 family fun hot tub game ideas. Let the games begin!

It’s Card Night

This is the perfect game for kids and adults alike. Play a game of Go Fish, poker, or euchre with
a set of waterproof cards.

Super Soft Ring Toss

Great for all ages, the floating ring toss game is great for pools or spas. The game comes with a
round floating base and four soft foam rings. Simply place the ring toss game farthest away from
you, set a timer, and see who can get the most rings on in the shortest amount of time.


Toss 3-5 ping pongs in the hot tub, and look out! The goal is to avoid being touched by a ping
pong ball. Good luck, it sounds easier than it is. Every time the ping pong touches a person,
they are out of the game and another ping pong ball is tossed in!

Rubber Duck Race

Grab a few cheap rubber ducks and let the games begin! The game’s goal is to start on
opposite sides of the pool or hot tub and using only jets, blowing on them, or splashing, try and
get your duck to the opposing side first.


This game is fun to play inside and outside of the hot tub. Grab some music, a judge, and let the
games begin. Play your favorite tunes, start dancing and when the judge yells “Freeze!” players
freeze in place and don’t move a muscle. Move, and you’re out! Once the judge says dance, the
game continues. This is fun for lots of reasons: good tunes, funny poses, and lots of laughs.

Catch ‘N’ Play

Stay cool while playing a fun game of catch. The game comes with two inflatable mitts and a ball. The center of the glove is velcro, so regardless of your skill level, your baseball will stick while catching it in the water—a fun game for all ages.

Family Game Night with a Splash

Some of your favorite games come in waterproof options. Warm or cold weather, these are
creative and fun options to shake up family game night. You can find waterproof games like
Spot It, Uno, Checkers, Dice, and Chess.

Musical Jets

Just like musical chairs, but with your hot tub jets! Have one person in charge of playing and
turning off the music. Turn half of your jets off, then let the game begin. Turn the music on,
rotate around your hot tub counterclockwise, and when the music stops, freeze! Whoever is left
without a jet loses.

Tic Tac Toe

Kids and adults alike love the ever-popular tic tac toe game, but with a twist. This water game
comes with a waterproof game board and 5 Xs and Os. The fun part is the Xs and Os sink to
the bottom of the hot tub and pool. You will have to retrieve your game piece before you begin.
To make it even more challenging, you can sink the game board to the bottom of the hot tub or
pool, and swim to the bottom to place your piece on the game board.

Simon Says Pass the Cup

It’s Simon Says with a cold twist: Fill a large plastic cup up with ice water and then start your
game of Simon Says. Begin with your typical Simon Says challenges; Simon Says splash the
person next to you, Simon Says rub your belly and pat your head, etc. The first person to mess
up gets an ice-cold cup of water poured over them and is out of the game. Continue until there
is only one person left.

In warm or cold weather, you will have fun playing one or all of these games with your friends and family. Our storefront location between Harbor and Petoskey carries the ring toss, tic tac toe, Catch “N” Play, and other hot tub accessories. Whether you use your hot tub for game night or for relaxing, we hope you are enjoying your hot tubbing experience. You can always stop into Luxury Bath and Spa for all of your hot tubbing needs!

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