Like we always say, at Luxury Bath and Spa, take care of your hot tub, and your hot tub will take care of you. Maintenance and care of your hot tub are a must to ensure its longevity, and that includes both the inside and outside of your tub. What protects your hot tub the most from the elements of nature? Your hot tub cover. If you properly maintain your hot tub cover, it should last for years. Here are a few tips and tricks for taking care of your hot tub cover.

Supplies Needed:

Grab your garden hose, sponge, and a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner; we like to use Natural Chemistry Clean and Perfect. It cleans dirt, grime, mildew, waterline rings, leaf stains, and more with ease and without harming the cover’s vinyl. Last but not least, vinyl conditioner. 

How to Clean:

Remove your cover from your hot tub to ensure that the cleaning supplies don’t enter the balanced hot tub water. 

Lay it on a soft surface like your lawn to avoid scratching or tearing the cover.

Spray off any dirt or debris with your garden hose, then spray the cleaner onto any dirt and mildew spots while gently scrubbing. Repeat that process on both sides of your cover and rinse thoroughly. 

Grab a soft towel and towel dry your hot tub cover. 

Apply a vinyl protectant once the cover is completely dry. This will help prevent your cover from drying out or cracking; it’s like body lotion for your cover.

Additional Tips and Tricks:

Briefly looking over your hot tub cover every time you use it will help you catch any cracks or tears that can be repaired and treated before more damage occurs. 

Don’t sit on top of or place heavy items on your hot tub cover; this puts extra pressure on the cover and seams.  

Cleaning and moisturizing your cover every three months will help protect the longevity of the hot tub. That may not be possible if you live in a colder climate like Michigan. Just keep an eye out for any damage, and use a soft broom to remove ice, snow, and debris during the cold weather months to help prevent any damage. 

You can purchase a spa cover cap at Luxury Bath and Spa for an added layer of protection from the elements. 

Keep your hot tub chemicals balanced. Over-chlorinated or imbalanced water chemistry can be corrosive and damaging to your hot tub cover. 

To keep your hot tub working and in tip-top shape, stop by or call Luxury Bath and Spa in Petoskey for additional tips and tricks. 

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