Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your Hot Spring Spa. 

  1. Size and capacity: Consider how many people will use the hot tub, so it fits everyone comfortably, and the deck or space you have designated for your new hot tub. 
  2. Jets and massage options: Not all tubs are alike; if you like hot tub jets, be sure to choose a hot tub that offers a variety of jet options, including adjustable pressure and direction, to target specific areas of the body; look for features such as neck jets or a hydrotherapy seat.
  3. Energy efficiency: Save yourself money and the impact on the environment by knowing the energy efficiency of your hot tub. 
  4. Water treatment: Consider the water treatment options, the filtration, salt water, and freshwater, and how easy it is to maintain and access. 
  5. Additional options: Some hot tubs include additional options like built-in sound systems, LED lighting, TVs, and waterfalls. While these may not be essential, they can be nice luxuries.
  6. Brand reputation and warranty: Check the manufacturer’s warranty and the brand’s reputation to ensure you receive a warranty and have a local distributor nearby for customer service and maintenance.
  7. Budget: Determine the upfront and long-term operating costs, such as chemicals, filters, and accessories. 

Stop by Luxury Bath and Spa between Harbor Springs and Petoskey to speak with our knowledgeable staff; we can help you choose the perfect hot tub for your budget, space, and lifestyle. 

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