Life can get hectic when you are trying to balance a healthy home and work life. You have daily chores at home, errands to run, school, and kid activities to attend and your professional work life to balance, all while trying to be present for your family. We at Luxury Bath and Spa know that there are constant demands that you face every day. Taking a second to push pause and spend time with your family is part of the lifestyle change and benefits we are hoping you can achieve by spending quality time in your hot tub.

Spend quality time with your spouse:

Spending quality time with your spouse is more than talking about the grocery list, what activity you have to attend next, and who’s turn it is to do the laundry. Soaking in your hot tub together and allowing yourself to have a quick date in the backyard can help you grow closer. Sitting in the hot tub together offers a distraction-free environment that can allow you and your spouse to have meaningful conversations or just some enjoyable quiet time together. Making time to reconnect and soak in your hot tub can offer wellness benefits for your relationship and overall quality of life. When you’re rested and relaxed, you may find that you’re better able to give your partner and children the attention they deserve. This is why Luxury Bath and Spa believes owning a hot tub is not just a lavish purchase but a lifestyle change.

Connecting with your kids:

The saying “time is fleeting” is so true. My three girls are all grown adults, with two of them having kids of their own. I can’t believe how quickly my girls grew from barbies to boys to successful women. Because time is fleeting, we want to try and embrace every stage of life and spend as much time connecting with our kids as possible.

Soaking in your Hot Spring® spa is a great way to carve out time with your kids. It provides an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and offer them an opportunity to confide in you with the worries of their day. The teen and tween years can be a stressful time, so giving your kids as much one on one time to offer support and a listening ear is always helpful. Soaking in your hot tub can also provide the same health benefits to your kids as it does for you. It can help them relax, provide stress management, a place to unwind, get things off their minds, and rest their sore muscles.

Soaking in your tub isn’t all serious business, it’s also a great time to laugh, and create fun family memories. Splash around, play your favorite song, bring out the barbies and toys, and have a fun time. It’s all about setting aside purposeful time to enjoy each other’s company in a stress-free way.

A bonus benefit of owning a hot tub is your kids may think it’s a cool place to hang out with their friends. This provides another opportunity to spend time with your kids and a way to get to know their friends.

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