All hot tubs have similar features such as buoyancy, heat, and massage but choosing a hot tub should also depend on your lifestyle, family size, budget and purpose for use.

Choose your size and budget:

Hot Spring Spa’s rang in size from a three-person tub all the way up to a seven-person tub. If you are single, don’t entertain often, or have a smaller family then you can opt for the three person Jetsetter® tub. If you have a large family or plan on entertaining frequently you may want to look into a larger five to seven-person hot tub. With that being said, we never want someone to go broke purchasing a tub from us, so make sure you have the budget that fits your family’s size and needs. You can always contact us at Luxury Bath and Spa for pricing.

Purpose of use:

When you are purchasing a hot tub most people have that vision of soaking in their tub, relaxing on the deck, entertaining friends, etc. It’s important to have that vision but to also know the purpose of your use. If you hope to be an avid soaker, you work out a lot and have sore muscles, you suffer from arthritis, back pain or other ailments that you plan to use your hot tub for, we want to know. Hot Spring offers the most innovative jets on the market that can work directly on the muscles or problem areas in question.


We believe hot-tubbing isn’t just a lavish purchase but a lifestyle. Soaking in a hot tub offers great health benefits and is a lifestyle choice that is both relaxing and enjoyable. While it can be relaxing to soak in your hot tub it’s also good to ask yourself, if you are going to use it during social gatherings, BBQ’s and other events? If so, you want to make sure it is located in an area meant for entertaining and the proper capacity of people. If you will be using your tub for entertainment purposes you may also want to consider the entertainment options that are available. Will you be using the wireless audio system with extended Bluetooth or do you need the 22” HD wireless television monitor. There are so many fun options to choose from including the LED light system and water features.

Regardless of your size, budget, or lifestyle we can help you out. Luxury Bath and Spa is part of an elite group of independent dealers throughout North America authorized to distribute Hot Spring® Spas, the world’s leading brand of hot tubs with more than 1 million sold. Give us a call at 231-439-6900 and we can help you choose the right hot tub for your life and budget.

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