It doesn’t take much to maintain your Hot Spring® Spa. Keep the water clean, and periodically drain your hot tub and refill it. Your tub takes care of you, so it’s only fair that you take care of your tub.

When To Drain Your Hot Tub

Hot Spring® Spas are good at taking care of themselves. Regardless if you use chlorine, bromine, ozone, or saltwater you will enjoy clean, contamination-free water for months on end. But with every system, it is good to drain the tub every now and then. Hot Spring® Spa recommends that you change your water every three to four months if you use the traditional chlorine or bromine system. If you use the FreshWater® Salt System, it is recommended you change the water once per year.

How To Drain Your Tub

Draining your tub is relatively simple, you need a garden hose or a submersible pump. Most people stick with what they already have and use the garden hose, and it works just as well. Just follow these simple steps.

-Turn the power to your spa off at the circuit breaker.
-Find your drainage spigot; you should have a primary and auxiliary. Use the primary to drain most of the water, then open the secondary to drain the internal bleedlines.
-Carefully attach the garden hose to the spigot and run the hose downhill and out to your drain if you have one installed.
-Open the valve on your spigot to the water so the water can drain

Submersible Pump:
-Turn the power to your spa off at the circuit breaker
-Place pump inside the hot tub
-Attach garden hose if your outflow hose isn’t long enough, turn the pump on and let the tub drain.
-Once the tub is empty, detach hose and remove the pump

Clean Tub: Once you have drained your tub you can clean the interior and the spa filters. All you need to clean the tub is a damp rag. Don’t use any harsh chemicals; this can damage your tub. Wipe down and rinse with water.

Refill Tub: Place garden hose in the spa’s fill pipe. Your owner’s manual will tell you exactly where your fill pipe is on your spa. If you ever have any questions, you can contact us at Luxury Bath and Spa or schedule a time for us to drain and clean your tub for you.

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