Not all hot tubs are alike. There are many important, yet fun factors to consider when purchasing a Hot Spring® Spa. One question to ask yourself is which massage jets are best for you?

Hot Spring® Spas are designed for comfort and relaxation and offer the most innovative jets on the market. Hot Spring® Spas, Highlife® collections offers eight different jet options, all targeting different parts of your body.

A few options include:

The MOTO-MASSAGE®DX JETS. These jets offer a full back massage with moving jets like no other. Two streams of water sweep up and down the entirety of your back, making for a powerful full-back massage. that revolutionizes hot tub hydrotherapy.

JETSTREAM® JETS. These jets work on your lower back and feet. These are the most powerful jets offered and helps release tension from your hardest-working parts. Highlife® Collection Jets

SOOTHINGSTREAM®JET SYSTEM is a great option if you are looking for an upper back and shoulder massage. This option offers twelve rotating ports that provide a pulsating massage.

These are only three of the eight options available. To learn more about our options stop into Luxury Bath and Spa, part of an elite group of independent dealers throughout North America authorized to distribute Hot Spring® Spas, the world’s leading brand of hot tubs with more than 1 million sold.

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