Gifts are great, but time, attention, and a romantic gesture can be the best gifts of all. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so turn up the heat with these four hot-tub date night tips:

Date Night Invitation

Start the day off with a thoughtful card. Include a handwritten invitation to meet at the hot tub at your desired time for a surprise date and dip. 

Now it’s time to set the scene…

Music and Mood


Turn on your Bluetooth and tune into your favorite romantic playlist – songs that make you think of your partner, or your wedding song (if you remember it, haha). Stop by Luxury Bath and Spa to grab a few of your favorite SpaZazz or InSPAration scents for an added special touch.

Wine and Dine


Grab your hot tub side table and a few of his or her favorite snacks and beverages. Turn on your favorite hot tub light feature, and enjoy a peaceful snack, sip, and romantic scene.

Connect with Conversation

Enjoying alone time in your hot tub is a great way to reconnect and talk about the things you usually don’t have time to chat about, or that you have pushed aside due to busy days and weeks. Reminisce, enjoy alone time, and connect with conversation again. Remember all of the time you spent talking when you first met? This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy music, food and drinks, and each other.

Single or coupled, treat yourself and/or your partner this Valentine’s Day. Give yourself the gift of a date night by relaxing and reconnecting with who or what brings you happiness.   

Relax and unwind this Valentine’s Day!

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